Weather in the Greek islands enjoy, thanks to their location, a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. In coastal areas and islands, summer winds cool off hot summers, thus offering an ideal holiday climate!

In the Aegean, these winds are called Meltemi and blow practically all day in the period from May to September.
The ideal months for a trip to mainland Greece are therefore the spring months, as early as the end of April the tourist season kicks off in Greece, naturally the summer months but without underestimating the months of September and October when temperatures are slightly lower than those recorded from June to August but very pleasant.

If you are planning to stay on one of the many Greek islands from April to October it is very likely that you will have good weather every day! Greece has a different climate in the different regions that make it up.

Basically Greece enjoys 3 climates: Mediterranean climate along the coasts and on the islands, with hot and dry summers and mild and humid winters. Temperate climate in the central area of the country, in Macedonia and Thrace, with hot and dry summers and cold winters. Mountain climate in Western Greece and, generally, when we move away from the sea, in areas such as Epirus, Thessaly, inland Peloponnese.

Weather in Summer

In the heart of summer, the month of August is characterized by strong heat throughout the Greek territory, whether it is the Ionian islands such as Corfu, the Cyclades islands such as the island of Mykonos, the Dodecanese islands such as the island of Rhodes. or Athens. In fact, in the morning, the mercury already rises around 25 ° C.

This heat continues to rise until it reaches very high values. However, all these regions have a climate in August in Greece that is still favorable to tourist activities except Thessaloniki which enjoys an ideal climate.

Due to the temperature, the mornings are favorable for enjoying tourist activities such as swimming or visiting historical sites. In fact, approaching only 25 ° C, the morning temperatures still allow you to activate without running the risk of being disturbed by the heat.

The heat in the middle of the day is so scorching that it is best to engage in activities out of the sun. It is necessary to wait until the end of the afternoon to find climatic conditions that favor magnificent weather in Greece in August. As the sun goes down, the heat also decreases by a few degrees centigrade. In addition, the night is cool enough for nightlife lovers to enjoy themselves.

Attention in July, the weather in the Greek islands is different depending on the island and regions of the country.
In the month of July the climate is excellent in Greece, but only in part of the territory

In the greek islands, the conditions are good to make the most of your holidays: the sun is here, it rains very little and the humidity is not too high. It is therefore the ideal month to go.