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Information about the Airport of Santorini (JTR)

santorini-airportSantorini International Airport (JTR) is located 7 kilometers south of the capital Fira, north of the village of Kamari and not far from the village of Monolithos, in the central eastern part of the island. The airport is connected to most of the international airports by direct flights operated by national and low cost airlines, although sometimes it is necessary to make a stopover in Athens.

Flights from Athens airport lasting just 45 minutes. There are numerous direct charter flights from various Italian and European locations, especially during the summer. Santorini International Airport, also known as Thira Airport, is located on the eastern side of the island and is the largest in the southern Aegean Sea.

History of the airport

The international airport of Santorini (JTR) is small if compared to the airports of the big cities, but at the same time, the largest airport of the South Aegean. Built in 1972, its buildings follow the lines of traditional Cycladic architecture. Since then, the increasing demands of air traffic to and from Santorini have led to its modernization.

In an event held on October 12, 2017 in Santorini, Fraport Greece presented to the local community, representatives of local authorities, local tourism agencies as well as the local media, the detailed construction plans for the development of Santorini Airport. As part of taking over the management and operation of the 14 regional airports on 11 April 2017, Fraport Greece held a series of public dialogue events with stakeholders, during which the company presented its plans for all airports.

Modernization of Santorini Airport before 2017

The modernization of Santorini Airport before 2017 was implemented with upgrade projects that have already been put into use, both in the Airport building (check-in counters, conveyor belts, escalators), and in the rest of the Airport facilities (aircraft parking area lighting, fencing , surrounding area), estimated at 310 million dirhams.

Santorini Airport currently consists of the Airport building (2510 sq.m), the main runway (16-34, 2120 m long and 30 m wide) and the aircraft parking floor (16,000 sq.m), with a capacity of two seats aircraft.

The study was prepared and at the same time the construction of a new Airport building (10,000 sq.m.) is being planned, with a budget of 6 billion drachmas.

For 1998, the drafting of a Santorini Airport Development Study (Masterplan), the expropriation and integration of new lands to expand its potential and the construction of new projects,

Airport Terminal

santorini-airport-terminalThe current terminal consists of a single, small building arranged on a single floor, divided internally between the departures area and the arrivals area.

Inside the departures area is the check-in area with 6 active counters, the airline offices, the offices of the car rental companies present at the airport and some basic services, such as bars, a currency exchange office, ATMs and wifi access.

After going through the security checks you arrive at the boarding area, where there are 6 gates and a small duty free shop. In the arrivals area, on the other hand, there is the only baggage reclaim carousel and an information office.

Public transport

Passengers arriving in Santorini airport can choose their transport either by car, taxi or bus. Each kind of transport has advantages and disadvantages. The bus has the advantage of being the cheapest way. It is all in all convenient for those staying in Fira, but it is not a good solution for all other locations.

Parking facilities

Parking for cars is located just in front of the terminal. It is a free and unsupervised space, but there are only a few places to leave the car and, especially during the summer, it will be difficult to find parking.
Alternatively, in front of the two tavernas near the airport there is an area where parking is permitted.

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About Santorini

santorini Compared to other Greek islands, Santorini is a rather expensive destination and therefore it is good to plan your holiday in advance. From mid-June to the end of August, hotel prices skyrocket: it is the season with the greatest tourist influx and it becomes absolutely necessary to book well in advance.

If you can choose when to go on vacation, the best times to visit Santorini are spring, from April to early June, and early autumn. Consider that in September and early October the temperatures are still good and swimming in the sea is almost guaranteed.

In winter, everything quiets down: very few tourists, hotel prices at a minimum. Of course, it won’t be hot enough for a dip in the sea, but the panoramic views of the caldera, the spectacular sunsets and the delicious dinners in the typical taverns remain at your disposal.

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Map of Santorini airport