Information about the Sporades

sporadesThe Sporades are geographically located in the northern Aegean, between the Greek mainland and the Greek islands of the north-eastern Aegean. The Sporades group consists of four main islands and some uninhabited islets that form the marine park of the North Aegean Sea. These four small islands each have a special character and surprising nature.

The most popular island of the Sporades, very popular with young people, is Skiathos, famous for its enchanting sandy beaches and intense nightlife. An excellent way to get to know the island is by walking along its paths, thus discovering its hidden beauties among dense forests and olive groves.

Nature enthusiasts can follow a beautiful trail through the famous Koukounaries forest and around Lake Strofilia. Alternatively, you can take a leisurely stroll on the Kanapitsa peninsula, or a long walk (7km) to see the historic churches of Skiathos.

Skopelos and Alonissos have less popular beaches, but amaze visitors with the green landscape and relaxing coves. The island of Alonissos is home to the Mediterranean monk seal, one of the largest species of seal, which can be seen in the Alonissos Maritime National Park. The strong point of this island is its nature and its pristine territory, the unreal blue water that surrounds it and the relaxed atmosphere that accompanies the days.

If you are looking for another quiet island to spend your family holidays, Skopelos is the right destination. Here you can find yourself in a green setting with rich pine forests, crystal clear sea and sandy beaches! Be sure to try the famous Skopelos cheesecake and taste ouzo in a tavern by the sea. Skiathos and Skopelos are also the islands where the scenes for the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia were shot.

Skyros is the least famous island of the group, mainly due to its distance from the rest of the other islands of the Sporades and the lack of transport. It is a beautiful island, with a picturesque capital, secluded beaches and interesting attractions to see.

Skyros is a great place for family holidays, to relax away from the big crowds. According to mythology, Skyros was the island where King Theseus was assassinated and also where Achilles went to hide to avoid the Trojan War. On the island of Skyros you can ride a pony in a dense pine forest or you can participate in the famous carnival celebrations.

Climate of the Sporades

The Sporades have a Mediterranean climate, characterized by relatively rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. The average temperature is 17 ° C, all year round. Winter is not that severe and snow rarely occurs, but when it does snow the islands are incredibly beautiful.

In this season the Sporades are subject to cold and windy periods, especially the more western ones, such as Skiathos and Skopelos.

The climate is characterized by lower temperatures than in the Cyclades and less humid than in the Ionians. Winds are stronger in autumn (September to October), while rainfall is more frequent from October to April. In summer, clear skies prevail, and the weather is good even in May and September.

When to go

The sea in the Sporades is still cold in May, and cool in June, while from July to September it rises and reaches 23/24 ° C, excellent temperatures for swimming. The best time to visit the islands is summer, from June to mid-September.

How to get there

The main point from where most of the ferries to Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos depart is the city of Volos, which unfortunately is no longer well served by low cost airlines. To reach the islands you have to go to Athens, because the prices of direct flights to Skiathos are high.

From Athens you can opt for a domestic flight to Skiathos, or the combination bus and ferry. By bus you don’t need to get to Volos but you can get off at Agios Konstantinos, a small port specially designated for this connection.