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United Kingdom

Facts about UK

England and Wales occupy the southern part of the British Isles, Northern Ireland comprises the six north eastern counties of the island to the west of Great Britain. The area of the United Kingdom is 94,251 sq miles. The capital of England is London, Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and Cardiff is the capital of Wales. The total area of England is 50,327 sq. miles.

Climate: Britain enjoys a temperate climate. High summer temperatures are around 70 degrees; in winter the average low is about 35 degrees. The rainiest months are November, January and February. Spring and autumn are particularly delightful seasons in Britain.The North East is cold in winter and subject to easterly winds in summer. the South coasts of Devon and Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly, and the Isle of Wight have the best sunshine records.The annual rainfall averages about 34. in., the Lake District and the W. being the wettest regions. Expectation of sunshine from May to July is about 52 to 72 -Ins daily. London’s once notorious fogs have abated since the introduction of smokeless fuel.

Rivers:`The Thames, is England’s most famous river, flows 210 miles. The Severn flows 220 miles and is the longest in England and Wales. Other important English rivers are the Trent , the Ouse, and the Warwickshire Avon . The East coast is generally sandy. The chalk cliffs of Kent and Sussex, the stone of Portland, and the granite outposts of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are distinctive features of the S. The Isle of Man (227 sq. m.), midway between England and Ireland, is a high plateau cut into by deep glens.
Woodlands occupy about 7 per cent of the surface of England. The overall impression is of cultivation, from the orchards of Kent and of the W. to the grasslands of the Shires and the ploughed fields of East Anglia.
Population: England 49,753,000, Scotland 5,119,000 ,Wales 2,937,000,N. Ireland 1,692,000 (60.6 million)
Currency :Though United Kingdom is part of the European Union the national currency is the British pound £ (7.45=1 EURO)
Language: Main languages of the United Kingdom is English, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic.
Government: United kingdom’s Government is Constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as Head of the state
GDP per Capita: $31,800 $
Religion: The major religion of the UK is Christianity with a variety of Christian denominations ,with the Church of England as the main one, following by the roman Catholic Church. Other religions in the UK are Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainis