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What Requirements you ned for entry in a British university

Each University course has in the United Kingdom different entrance requirements and you should ask the admissions officer at your chosen university for information on the entry requirements for their courses. You will also be able to find the entry requirements for university courses on the UCAS website at . If the course does not list information about international qualifications, contact your chosen university.

Qualifications issued in EU countries are well known and understood by most universities in the UK and if you require confirmation of this then speaking to the admissions officer or international office of your chosen institution will be able to give you the information you need. However, if you are in any doubt about your qualifications or would like information on the UK equivalent for non-European qualifications you can find this out from the British Council in your home country. Details of these can be found here .
Alternatively you can visit the National Academic Recognition Information Centre website at The NARC is the organisation that is responsible for compiling information on international qualifications.

English language proficiency.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS). ELTS is a test of English language proficiency and is a method of assessing the English language used by non-English speakers who want to study, train or work using the English language. It is recognised by all UK educational institutions. There are two types of test, the academic and the general. For prospective students of universities in Britain, where English is not their first language, they should check to see if they need to take the Academic IELTS test by contacting the international applications department of the education institution they are applying to. If the university decide that the test is obligatory they will also inform you what IELTS score you need to obtain in order to be offered a place. The test can be taken in the UK or, quite possibly in your home country as there are around 500 test centres across 120 countries. Some IELTS centres have workshops to help you prepare for the test and the IELTS website also provides free samples of the types of questions the test asks. For further information, please visit To search for a test centre click on ‘IELTS Test Centres in Your Region’ on the website. Once you have found your nearest centre you can contact them for details of the next test and an application form.

Term Dates

Most universities divide the academic year into two semesters. Semester 1 begins at the start of October and finishes in mid-January with a two or three week vacation for Christmas. Semester 2 is from mid-January until mid-June with a two or three week Spring vacation at Easter. The exam period normally takes place throughout May.