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The Emerald Coast Northern Brittany.

Saint Malo is one of the most popular destinations on the emerald cost in Northern Brittany. Every summer thousands of tourist spend their holidays in this picturesque and historic city in Brittany. A popular destination for  British tourists due to the vicinity of saint Malo to the UK and its ferry connections with Portsmouth, Poole, Plymouth and the English channel islands of Jersey and Guernsey.
Walking through the cobbled streets of St Malo’s old town feels like you’ve stepped back in time. St. Malo’s fortification was built with the same material that was used for the abbey at the top of the rocky islet of Mont St Michel.  
During the 18th-19th century Saint Malo was the base of countless pirates who where attacking the ships that were sailing through the English Channel. It is argued that this was probably one of the reasons that its inhabitants wanted autonomy from the rest of France. In other words during the times of piracy St. Malo was something like the port of Tortuga, the pirate island in the Caribbean sea.
Among the attractions of Saint Malo is the walled city, on the walls of the fortification the visitor has the feeling of going back to the heroic times of the corsairs.  It also boasts beautiful wide sandy beaches. 
The city is famous for its sea food like most of the coastal towns of Brittany and Normandy. Almost in every restaurant you will find local specialities of sea food, oysters, mussels, shrimps, fish and crabs.