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Winter Sports Paradise

Grenoble is something of a modern legend: France’s number one post-war boom town, trail-blazer of industrial recovery, with treble its pre-war population. It is a zestful place – and one of the few towns outside Paris that Parisians will gladly settle in, partly because it offers such good skiing nearby (Grenoble is the site of the 1968 Winter Olympics). Grenoble has a rich cultural scene with a variety of museums and works of art in public spaces. The city is known for its large, contemporary monumental works, the squares and streets have been established. Now there are more than 180 works in public spaces. Some of the cultural institutions listed here show the variety and quality of culture and art, the Grenoble has to offer. It is set in a narrow plain encircled by high mountains, and has a distinguished university. 

Three major ski areas are located very near to Grenoble and skiers of all experience levels are catered for. Many slopes are on the glacier, which is also, for non-skiers, worth a trip. The slopes for beginners are located high up on the glacier, while the black slopes for Skiasse below. L’Alpe d’Huez – a modern, purpose built resort area near Grenoble (101 km) – is also in the region. This ski area, with its 84 lifts, stretches over 230 km and offers slopes for all experience levels. For those who love adventure, this off-piste descends on some wonderful vistas of Skiprofis.. To the North East are the High Alps, crowned by Mont Blanc, this is Savoy, a mountainous land of lakes and rivers, ideal for fishing and camping and (in winter) skiing. Famous ski-resorts include Chamonix, Megeve, and Courchevel. Annecy, beside its lovely lake, is a delightful old town, now expanding industrially almost as fast as Grenoble. Evian and Aix-les-Bains are wellknown spas.
Trout, salmon, and other river fish are popular in Savoy. Gratin de queues d’ecreaisses (crayfish tails cooked in a rich sauce) is a noble speciality. From the Dauphine, gratin dauphinois is a delicious dish of potatoes cooked in milk, butter, and cheese.