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Boulogne sur Mer

Boulogne sur Mer its a wonderful town on the region of Nord Pas de Calais at the south end of the Opal coast. The city attracts many tourists for its location and its historical heritage. The city of Boulogne is the biggest fishing port of France.
The Old Town of Boulogne was built on the site of the old Roman camp established by Julius Caesar. The old castle build by Baldwin II, Count of Flanders, was expanded during the 13th Century , today is a historical museum.
The City of Boulogne has many attractions and monuments. Like most of the towns of the region Boulogne has its own Belfry (the Bell tower) build in the 11th century, other sites of interest are the Napoleon Palace and  next to the eastern port is the Cathedral with its high dome over 300 ft high. Inside the Cathedral there is a crypt from the Roman times. Another interesting church is St. Nicholas at Dalton square with interesting sculptures. The Nausicaa Centre National de la Mer exhibits the marine wildlife, exploitation and management of marine resources like fisheries, aquaculture, coastal development, marine transportation and tourism.

Driving north from Boulogne at the coastal road you can visit all the nice small villages of the Opal coast until Calais.