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The Birthplace of Mozart

Salzburg located in western Austria and is the capital of the confederate small state of Salzburg . The name means ‘Salt Castle’  and derives from the barges which carried salt on the River Salzach and which were subject to a tax in the 8th century, Salzburg is a lovely city in a fine situation, flanked by two minor mountains and bisected by the River Salzach. As well as being famous as the birthplace  of Mozart, Salzburg Is known for its baroque architecture, its  extensive history and as the gate of access to the Alps. Salzburg is also a great festival city. The main festivals comprising of concerts, opera, ballet, and drama are in July and August, but there are lesser events over much of the year including Mozart Week in January and Musical Spring in May and June.

The city is jammed with musicians and music lovers. The works of the great musical masters, particularly Mozart, are to be heard day and night, played by several orchestras and chamber groups. But Salzburg does not offer music alone. It is one of Austria’s most beautiful cities with impressive, mountains that surround the town.  On the top of one mountain – the tree-fringed Monchs berg – is the Hohensalzburg Fortress, with its perfectly composed silhouette. Below is the Old City in all its baroque splendour not least the 17th-century cathedral and the Kollegienkirche. Close by are the old and new Festival Theatres, the focal points of Salzburg’s many festival activities, which overflow into the a Mozarteum Concert Hall, and elsewhere..