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Small Clubs and Great Quality Music

nightlifeVienna has everything from smart night clubs with floor shows to fashionable little tanz (dance) bars where there is always wonderful music and good wine. Try some located in the Vienna hills, where you can dine and dance with the city and the Danube spread below you. Vienna specialises in intimate small bars with piano players, soul-stirring Gypsy violin music or other live music groups. The native inns in the smaller towns all have bauernstube (farmhouse) rooms, handsomely decorated with folk art, where in the evenings there is dancing, singing and congenial company.

Austria, a European country with castles, palaces and horse riding, is a culturally rich haven for travelers around the world. Architecture is also something that has made its mark. What completes the whole experience is the nightlife in Austria – it is always buzzing and inviting. So, if you are a night owl who wants to go out in the dark to see a crazy party scenario, here is a list of 8 Austrian cities where the sun sets for even more fun! Starting from the most conventional city, the list gives you an idea of ​​the party culture, while at the same time suggesting that you take into account the hotpots during your visit.


The capital Vienna is one of the top tourist destinations in Austria. With so many attractions in sight to relax during the day, night is just as – in fact more – happening here in Vienna. Whether you want a great dinner, you want to attend or meet, or dance your heart out in a nightclub, this city will spoil you for choice.
Vienna’s clubs, restaurants, and concert venues have made their mark internationally. Visitors from all over the world come to Vienna to enjoy also its nightlife. Best places to enjoy nightlife in Vienna: Passage Babenberger, Volksgarten Clubdisco, Pass Albertina, Praterdome and Club Schwarzenberg


Known for its palaces and castles, Salzburg will enliven you with its bustling nightlife. The city’s elegant bars and authentic Irish pubs set the mood for owls. Most of the bars and nightclubs are actually located close to each other, making your browsing crawling experience safe and fun. There are more than 40 hotspots in the city, so make sure you have enough time with the list of priorities you have prepared.
Best places to enjoy nightlife in Salzburg: Russ Bar, Times Bar, Celtic Spirit, Soda Club, Rockhouse Bar, Pepe Cocktail Bar, Jazzit and Take Five


Innsbruck, puts on a show as soon as the sun goes down. Students, residents, travelers – the party animals unite the Old Town. This is where bars and cafes are arranged on the streets. From a relaxing dinner date on the terrace with the best wine collection to a crazy night dancing through the hotspots for Techno + House, if you want an unforgettable night, the nightlife in Innsbruck Austria will give you just that and much more.
Best places to enjoy nightlife in Innsbruck: Limerick Bill Irish Pub, M + M Bar, Zappa Music Bar, Babalon Cafe-Bar, Club Cubique and Dachsbau Nightclub


When it comes to “Austrian nightlife”, Linz is also often cited. The city offers a number of bars and clubs for those who want to party hard all night. Leeds is known for its various cultural aspects and its nightlife is also one of them. Being a watering can of different ethnicities from Japanese to Austrian, you will see an amazing grid as we explore this city in the dark. Best places to enjoy nightlife in Linz: Frau Dietrich Pub, Easy, Exxtrablatt, Lennox and Chelsea Pub

St. Pölten

The nightlife in St. Polten has bars, dinners and nightclubs with the busiest music. Arranged one after the other, especially in the Josefstraße area, this city will delight you with everything it has to offer. Shoot with your friends at a bar or lose yourself in a club, when you are here in the city the opportunity does not stop.
The best places to enjoy the nightlife in St. Polten: Yesterday – die Bar, Tennessee, Nightclub Love Lounge, Laboom, BarRock and Underground


Austria’s second largest city, Graz, is known mainly for its cultural wealth. This may also be one of the best preserved cities in Central Europe. Once you have completed exploring the city in daylight, just let the night knock on your door and you have many options to enjoy the stunning nightlife. Have Irish pubs, wine bars, open bars and what not! Just put on your favorite outfit and get ready to spin as you enjoy the nightlife of Austria Graz.
Best places to enjoy the nightlife in Graz: Pharmacy Bar, The Pub Pub, Cafe Mitte, Dreizehn Genussbar, Gosser Brau Graz, M1 and Flan O’Brien


Although Eisenstadt is rather a dormant city, there is plenty of buzz to offer as soon as night falls. There are some options when it comes to nightlife in Eisenstadt, but if you choose correctly according to your preferences, you will live a night I will remember. Best places to enjoy Eisenstadt nightlife: Cebu Cafe-Bar, James Dean Eisenstadt and Mangoo Restaurant – Bar


Famous for its ski resorts, the Mayrhofen is considered one of the liveliest places in Tyrol for nightlife. As many skiers from all over the world come up and ski during the day, the night is dedicated to some more fun, such as hop and party in the city’s bars and pubs. Best places to enjoy the nightlife in Mayrhofen: Harakiri-Bar Mayrhofen, Scotland Pub Yard, Brück’n Stadl and Ice Bar