Travel guide to the Cyclades

cyclades islandsThe Cyclades islands are a seaside destination and at the same time many individual island destinations, which stand out for the unique color of the sea, for the unique natural landscape, for their characteristic relief, for their sun and light, for their coves, for the whitewashed settlements for their history and cultural attractions, for all that together, which one does not find in any other island complex in the world.

The Cyclades islands that surround the sacred island of Delos, is a Greek Polynesia, a maritime state with countless small and large islands, crystal clear sea.
With over 2000km kilometers of coastline is at the disposal of every visitor who would like to discover his own personal destination.

Visitor will findcoves, harbors and fishing shelters create a natural sailing park and offer sea visitors rest and fun.

Enchanting beaches for swimming and snorkeling and diving. It is perhaps the greatest enjoyment in the crystal clear waters of all the islands, which retain, thanks to the formation of the seabed, their unique incredible color.

Tousands of years long history. As the Aegean was the bridge of communication and exchange of goods and ideas between neighboring peoples and cultures created here.

Sights to see, historical, geological, ecological, architectural, religious, etc.) are offered to visitors, who can follow itineraries that satisfy their own specialized interests.

Museums and Collections: They collect and present snapshots from the lives of people who lived and created thousands of years ago in these places.

The history of the geological creation of the Cyclades explains their enormous geological richness: each island presents an impressive and completely separate relief and includes sights with huge geological but also paleontological, archaeological and historical interest such as caves, geological formations etc.

Areas of special natural beauty. Despite the poor vegetation, in the islands of the Cyclades there is today a rare wealth of flora that includes more than 1600 species of plants, with over 200 recorded endemic, rare or endangered species. Also the islands of the Cyclades present an extremely interesting fauna, which includes many endemic species that live only in Greece or even only on an island or rocky islet of the Cyclades.

The Cyclades is a complex of islands of unique natural beauty that both individually and together are a unique destination, that’s why island hopping is almost a must. Browse from island to island, swim in the crystal clear blue-green waters.

The islands and islets of the Cyclades offer a unique possibility: due to the close distances between them, you can easily and safely approach several of them in a short time and enjoy their diversity. If you do not have your own boat and you rent it with the skipper, you have the advantage of sitting comfortably and enjoying the ride.

Cyclades islands what to Do!

The sunny Cyclades with the wonderful sea offer the visitor a panorama of holidays close to nature, which is not limited only to the rich local cuisine, entertainment and special facilities that can offer a luxurious stay, but also include countless activities, suitable for every taste. and view.

Water sports, interesting alternative tourism proposals, marked trails in areas of unparalleled natural beauty, fascinating water routes, countless monuments of natural and cultural interest and a plethora of local events that will bring you in touch with the tradition and the inhabitants. the activities that will make your stay on any island in the Cyclades unforgettable.

In summer and spring in all the islands of the Cyclades are held cultural events that include music, dance and theater performances, art exhibitions, sports and various other cultural events, which in the magical atmosphere of the islands take on new dimensions and offer unforgettable moments.